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A floating home is unique. Like anything unique, it requires a unique insurance policy to ensure it is properly covered. Sometimes referred to as a “boat house.”

Valuations for replacement cost estimation is complicated because a floating home rests on top of the water and is attached indirectly to the ground through chains wrapped around pilings which are sunk into the bed of a river. Unlike homes built on land, there are no estimation programs to calculate the cost of reconstruction.

Additional costs to replace

The floatation system may built from a raft of old growth logs which are strapped together with cables and beams. Additional encapsulated foam is often used to add extra lift and leveling to the house. Other flotation systems use concrete boxes like an upside down basement which is then filled with foam to provide lift.

Boat House Insurance Portland, ORThere are increased costs to access and deliver building materials and equipment to a floating home. There are only two ways to deliver building materials to a floating home either by hand carrying down ramps and docks or by barging the material to the job site.

It can be difficult to work around a floating home. A builder does not have any surrounding grounds to work upon and this adds time and complications to maneuvering material and equipment around the job site.

Floating homes have larger decks then conventional homes, so it is important to take this into consideration when getting an insurance quote for a floating home in Oregon.

Be sure to make contact with a builder when you need work completed on your floating home.

For a floating home inspection:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFcdSsqA63Q